Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blog Overhaul

Sorry I've been s0 MIA, I feel like a few other things in my life have needed special attention lately. Plus, as always, I'm always wondering if I should continue the blog. BUT, you guys continue to surprise me by your visits! I haven't so much as peaked at this page in over a month, but when I check my visitor numbers, you continue to be going strong. Thank you for being interested in the insignificant nonsense that I blab about!

Sooooo, I feel like it's time for a change for this blog. We no longer have any highchairs around here!! I'll be doing a blog overhaul for a few weeks probably, so bare with me. But, I'll start posting again! Another change, I'm going to stop the automatic updates by email, so if you are currently getting my updates in your email and want to read, be sure to come visit! I'm changing it up because I'm not exactly sure what the content of this blog will be going forward and quite frankly, I don't want anyone taking offense at anything I say. Lord knows I tend to leave the filter off of my mouth at times. ;) So, be sure to visit at your own risk. I'm sure I'll be discussing the same nonsense....stuff about what a joy and a pain motherhood is, my sarcastic sense of humor, my battle with aging, making sense out of this world, the things and people I love and the things I could live without.

Let me start by saying that my dearest and oldest friend Michelle got engaged a few weeks ago and I am so happy for her. The other night on the phone she asked me if I would be her Matron-Of-Honor and of course I said that nothing would honor me more. Under one condition....

I am in no way, shape or form called a Matron of any sort, ever. Doesn't that word Matron just sound old? Dowdy? Boring? I will be the Maid-Of-Honor, end of story. :)

Thanks for reading, listening and taking a walk around my head at times. Come back soon!

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