Thursday, September 23, 2010

Facebook Is Down

Facebook is having a meltdown. A tantrum, it's tired. With 1/2 a billion users worldwide, it's just had enough. What are we all going to do??...start twittering? Or maybe actually be productive at work?? Today, most users are apparently just getting a "Service Unavailable" failure message and the on-line social world has pretty much come to an end. I know because this is my favorite time of the day to be on-line!! I'm home from my day checking email, doing paperwork and am not quite on mommy duty yet. Seems like my 4 o'clock social hour will just have to wait til tomorrow. Wonder how many people out there need a valium without access to their beloved Facebook page? haha. You may have to actually go outside and talk to someone. Oh the horror!!! It's ok, I'm sure mega bagillionaire Mark Zuckerberg will have his baby up and running again soon.

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