Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thank you...

for all of the well wishes! Nick, Nicole & Isabel---thanks again so much for the flowers. They are so sweet. Hazel--thank you for the cookie bouquet, it's basically the only thing I ate the first 2 days! and my mommy... :-) thank you for all of your help with the girls, laundry, cooking, and everything else. We love having you here with us!

So I am home and feeling better, but who knew that something so small could cause so much agony? I will have this stent in for the next week! Ugh!!

On a brighter note, Anna is successfully singing her ABCs and counting to 10!! She also keeps asking me about my boo-boo and wants to kiss my tummy. She is telling everyone that "mommy fall down". I guess in her small little world that is the only thing she can relate to when feeling bad or hurt. Or maybe she just hears my constant words of...Anna don't do'll fall down and it will hurt!! ha

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Kim said...

Way to go Anna!!!! You need to come visit us and teach your cousin Cole what you know!