Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Mom List

I like this depiction of motherhood above. I like to imagine that this is what I look like when I'm at home with my mom hat on...multitasking like a pro while wearing my fabulous shoes, hair shiny and bouncy and full, make-up applied perfectly, delicious dinner in the oven because of course I'm a fabulous cook...all done with a smile. And there's my content little baby playing peacefully by, she's so advanced, I'd think to myself...what a great mom I must be. HAHAHA...right. Try me for real at the end of the in sweatpants and t-shirt with what I am sure are boogers on my sleeve, make-up rubbed off from a hard day's work and hair frazzled and messy. I slave in the kitchen taking the Kids Cuisine out of the wrapper and placing it the microwave while my kids terrorize each other and the dog and destroy my house. How's that for the cover of Parenting Magazine? :-) Well, awhile back I listed all the many reasons that sometimes I feel like anything but a mom, but lately I've been thinking about all things that make me, without a doubt, a mom. Here are a few...

1. Way too frequently, the following words come out of my mouth: "If I have to tell you one more time", "1-2-3", "Do you wanna go straight to bed?", "Absolutely not!" and "What did I just say?".

2. I think Justin Bieber looks like a baby...literally.

3. I traded my sophisticated weekends full of dinners and adult parties for weekends full of activity running and birthday parties with little snot nosed kids.

4. All of our money goes to diapers, wipes and daycare, so I get excited when we get Babies R Us coupons in the mail.

6. Instead of a teeny tiny purse just big enough to hold my phone, id and key, I'm now a walking drugstore and at all times carry around a bag most 16 yr olds would consider an "overnight bag".

7. Now I go to bed at a time when I used to eat dinner.

8. I am now that obnoxious mom toting multiple kids around in the backseat with dvd player going and driving carefully in the biggest most ridiculous gas guzzling vehicle available...and I love it!
9. I look in the mirror and sometimes see little girls that are 30 yrs younger.

10. I have mom joy. I seriously think only moms can have this because I'm not sure you really know how much you are capable of loving someone or something else until you have children. It's like being in a constant state of falling in love.

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