Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wait, What? I'm 30?

...or 32, same thing. Right? Is 30 the new 20? And will 40 be the new 30 and so on? God, let's hope so. This morning my doorbell rang and it was the UPS guy delivering my first wine package from last weekend!! He immediately stated that someone over 21 needed to sign...I laughed and asked him if I looked 21...he said "around that". I seriously wanted to lunge out of the doorway and plant a big smacker right on his cheek. But instead I laughed, told him I had 2 kids and was in my 30s. He is now my favorite person of the month....I wanted to tell him how much I love him...he's lucky I didn't start making out with him! haha...kidding, of course!! But it got me thinking about being 30 and what comes with it...I'm learning quickly what's good and what's not so good about this decade. Let's start with the obvious. I'm getting older...not old, but older for sure. I'm not a young little thing anymore (even though I may try to be at times) and I do not look 21, that guy was delirious. My body is different, a little slower, doesn't listen quite as well and is a little less resistant to abuse. :)

But at the same time my head is clearer, I'm wiser and more confident, more secure. At some point I became more mindful, more present and more aware of my effect on others...just like a deeper self intuition or something. I don't really know how to describe it, just stuff I would have never cared about or thought of in my mid 20s. Probably stuff that would be good for later posts...stuff that you could write a whole book about, or for me at the very least an entire post on.

I've also noticed that in our 30s the dating dynamic has changed drastically. I have a good friend, he's 35, single and still trying to find someone. Recently he went out on a date with a girl and instantly liked her, she had it all. But toward the middle of the date she tells him that she has a child. So, at 25, any guy would go running the other way. At 35, it's different. This didn't seem to phase him I guess maybe it becomes more the norm when dating a woman in her mid 30s. By mid to late thirties, people just have baggage....ex spouses, children, ex fiancees, etc. The divorces start rolling in one after the other...I found out a couple weeks ago that a friend recently filed for divorce, which I hear more and more. Which brings up this question about marriage...Is it really natural for human beings to be committed to only one person for their entire lives? Looking at the history of marriage (which I have...and it's fascinating) and as a man made institution, I just wonder at some point if it will cease to exist. But, again, this is a topic that deserves it's own post...sorry for the digression. Back to's seems to me that people in their 30s are looking for something different, something real. It's not about the surfaced stuff from your 20s, like "we like the same things" or "we look good on paper". It's about connection and a much deeper level of communication. The kind of connection that doesn't happen with just anyone....perhaps with a chance of lasting a lifetime.

So, 30s just feels different. Here's to getting better with age! :) Cheers...(I'll be clinking my wine glass a little later to myself as I bust open my wine delivery). haha

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